Pixhawk Power module problem

I have the Pixhawk AP with power module. The problem is that the Power Module shows a extrange behavior, every time I connect it, shows in the Misiion Planner and the OSD (Minim OSD) the correct voltage (12,5 to 12,6 V on a 3S LiPo batt), but once you begin to use the battery, the voltage showed a sudden drop that provokes all alerts to engage, and finnally PIxhawk enters in fail safe, even though the watt metter clearly shows a healthy battery with more than 11,5 V sustained under load. I already made all the power module calibrations that offer APM and Mission Planner, but nothing appear to fix, what can I do?

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  • Did you find a solution to this problem?  I am experiencing a similar issue

    • Did you ever find a resolution?

    • Here is what the voltage looks like 3702554358?profile=original

      • Do you have the 3DR model or a clone?
        • Both.

          The 3DR module was working correctly in February as shown here:


          Early this month the pixhawk started giving readings of 14V (alarming because we are using a 3S battery).  I used the power module "other" option to re-calibrate at the measured voltage but was seeing similar results when capturing the log as above.

          After similar results I bought a power module from wasooo to see if the results would differ but they did not and this module did not produce a log of the current.

          The Vcc is fine to the pixhawk under the load as referenced in the wiki:


          However, there is no common diagnosis for the "Battery Issues" log and I would like to know if this is typical.



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