I have V2.78b loaded in my PixHawk and am truing to set it up with my new 14SG radio and R7008SB Rx. Does the current firmware support this combo?

I got it to work with my old Sbus receivers but the RC in channels are all 0 when I connect the new Telemetry receiver. I have tried all the options (12 and 14 channel FASSTest, Sbus and Sbus2) I double checked that the receiver was in the correct mode (Mode B) and tested the Sbus port and it works with Futaba devices.

I looked at the PixHawk hardware page and it says that both Sbus and Sbus2 are supported. http://pixhawk.org/modules/pixhawk


Am I doing something wrong or is the Telemetry Sbus receivers not supported with this firmware version. I hate to have to use a non Telemetry receiver.




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I tried many receivers and found that all the Sbus receivers that are about two years old or older work ok. None of the new 7000 series work. 3DR must have had only old receivers when they wrote the firmware. That's really frustrating for all us Futaba owners and I sure hope that the next firmware has this bug resolved.



anyone know if this bug has been resolved? I am using the same setup (7008 rx using 14 channel mode) and get a variety of issues during calibration and setup. as an example, channel 3 (throttle) seems to get mixed into channel 6, no response to channel 7 switch.

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