Hi Guys, I've got thru the radio calibration issues in Mission Planner but channels are still reversed.  I followed advise and setup the Taranis Plus model setup as AETR with Throttle on CH3, Ailerons on CH1 and Elevetor, no rudder on CH2.

I've setup flight modes in OpenTX

FM0 Stabilize

FM1 FBWA - SE up

FM2 Loiter - SE Mid

FM2 RTL - SE down

FM3 Autotune - SA up

FM4 Auto - SA mid

FM5 Manual - SA down

When I test the baord on the plane, firstly my telemetry modules aren't working so I can't test wirelessly, only with the USB connected.  I'm able to load settings from both local and remote modules but no connection when wireless.

When I have the board hooked up to the battery and power on the board, I do get some stabilize reactions but with the Throttle ESC on CH1 and Elevons on CH2 and 3.  One elevon won't react, when I reverse servo leads the other reacts but less than the right side.  See video:


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