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I'm currently setting up my first scratch built quad with a Pixhawk mini and a Spektrum DSMX 6 channel receiver/transmitter. I have five of those channels in use - four for flight control and one flight mode switch. When I calibrate the radio, however, it shows me 16 channels, with the last 8 at the maximum default of 65,535. Again, these last 8 channels are not connected, but the Pixhawk apparently recognizes them after radio calibration.

When I try to arm the Pixhawk, I get an error on the dashboard saying that RC_9_MAX > 2500, RC_10_MAX > 2500, ... ... , RC_16_MAX > 2500, along with a radio calibration error. This makes sense because it showed those values as being 65,538, but why is it recognizing those channels and causing such a headache when they aren't even present? Is there a way to limit the total number of channels that are recognized by the Pixhawk?


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