pixhawk, sudden decsend in altitude to almost ground!

Today i was flying over sea, i did this 2 days prior without issues.I had a sudden decsend almost touching water, i tried full throttle and the quad still did not raise. Eventually i panic and just hit RTL, the quad looked like it stopped just above the water and began to gain altitude.Did not return to home, i took over back controland flew it back to land.In the gopro footage i heard the pixhawk beep once during the decent.I was flying in poshold/hybrid mode, i never tried to go into stabilize mode during the problem. I just panicked.......Any ideas?

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  • I checked your log, you have a GPS error close to the middle of the sixth minute.
    Satellite number dropped to cero, HDOP went to the clouds

    just after that the alt measure climbs a little and then drops rapidly

    You could check your GPS or run some tests on a safe place to make sure it won't fail again.


  • I attached a log file. I had to zip it because it is 9MB.

    I'm not really sure how to read it.

    2014-09-18 18-06-37.zip

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