Pixhawk + Taranis / X8R Fail Safe Configuration

Hey, everyone.  

I've got my X8R seemingly working well with the Pixhawk for basic controls and some flight modes on sbus.  I haven't flown it yet.  I'm curious about how to trigger RTL with a switch.  I setup channel 7 on the transmitter, mission planner sees it triggered, but I'm unsure how get the signal to trigger RTL on the Pixhawk.

My current FS Options are set to Enabled always RTL and FS pwm 990.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Hey Cory, can I ask where you plugged cable from pixhawk into x8r? Was it sbus? Thanks
    • On X8R it's the SBUS. The horizontal connector below all the vertical PWM ones. Do not connect it to the S-Port where the antennas exit the case, because that's for telemetry.

      • Thanks Para

  • A bit OT, but do you know if failsafe is configured and tested from the factory on the RTF y6 with taranis?
  • Developer

    The failsafe with X8R via sbus it doesn't work at the moment with Pixhawk if you set the channel to your desired values.

    • MR60

      What ? ! Did I just read this right ?

      Do you mean that turning off the transmitter, having set the failsafe Ch3 value to 940 for ex, will not trigger the Throttle loss failsafe on pixhawk (via SBUS) ?

      • Developer

        Yes, trigger, but you cannot declare a "manual failsafe value" for all the 8 channel, i mean in the tx section, it work only in the pwm servo output of the rx.
        For example with my Futaba i don't use the "throttle value" for failsafe, i declare values for all the sticks to center position and CH5  to the pwm value of "RTL" mode, with Taranis this "failsafe trick mode" it doesn't work via sbus (here).

        • I think there might be some confusion because of English translation issues here - I had to read this post a couple of times to understand it.

          Just to be clear: failsafe (circle/rtl when rc connection is lost) on the Taranis + x8r + Pixhawk works just fine. It just seems that some "tricks" that Marco is referring to does not work. I personally have a few switches on my taranis set up to change modes and one switch a dedicated rtl switch. Also when rc connection is lost, Pixhawk goes into circle mode (for 20sec) and then rtl.

          But there are many ways to set this up - and it seems Marco is referring to some method that does not work as expected.

          • Im a little confused here, as Im trying to set up the offical "throttle failsafe" with my pixhawk/x8r/taranis.  I am using the x8r with sbus cable only.  when I turn off the tx, the pwm doesnt drop, it stays where it is currently at.  my confusion is; does the throttle failsafe (no pulses at tx) method work while using sbus with pixhawk? If so, then im doing something wrong.....

          • Is there any documentation / videos on setting up Taranis + x8r + Pixhawk? I'm just about to attempt this. Thank you
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