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Para replied to Rolf Blomgren's discussion APM MavLink to FrSky X8R S.Port converter
"I'm using a FAS-100 to supervise LiPo, and it's working wonders. No more then 50 mAh offset between what's on the Taranis screen and on the charger screen after a cycle. I'm flying 9600-9750 mAh from my 10 Ah 6S packs with ease of mind all the time.…"
Feb 28, 2016
Para replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"I have a photo quad with 390 kV and 15x5 props, and I'm loaded with a 10.000 mAh 6S for 34% hover. And that's with only four motors !
For your hexa, a 16.000 mAh pack would be fine, probably even a 20.000 mAh. "
Jan 16, 2016
Para replied to Tersus GNSS's discussion L1/L2 RTK trial user wanted
"Automatic blade inspection is fun.
Unless you plan to photoshoot the whole propeller disc from afar, most of the times they stop it askew from the perfect inverted-Y position and on a so slightly different azimuth from your pre-planned flight, that…"
Dec 27, 2015
Para commented on Nick Arsov's blog post Ardupilot/PX4 communities : DIY hardware Innovation is still alive and well - the new XRacer V1.0
"And again, what are FrSky in/out pins for !? SPort ? :)"
Dec 27, 2015
Para replied to Christian Mauch's discussion Safety First: 100A & 200A Hall Sensor with BEC for Pixhawk / APM
"I'm familiar with the ACS Hall sensors, since I use the FrSky FAS-100 module on almost every build I do. And I've unsuccessfully tried to "steal" its readings and feed them to an APM as well as the FrSky telemetry a couple of years ago.
So without…"
Dec 17, 2015
Para replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"What happens if you apply 5V from a BEC to your landing gear while the signal wire is disconnected ?"
Dec 15, 2015
Para replied to Sergio Couto's discussion Voltage Monitor calibration with 6S lipo in PIXHAWK
"Most 3rd party power monitor devices are geared towards APM and its 0-5V range. Pixhawk has voltage/current sensing on 3.3V analog inputs.
If your sensor is 30V maximum and you plug a fresh 6S, that's 25.2V and your power monitor will output 4.2V,…"
Dec 11, 2015
Para commented on Nick Arsov's blog post Ardupilot/PX4 communities : DIY hardware Innovation is still alive and well - the new XRacer V1.0
"First, what's FrSky -in/-out for ? I trust my FAS-100 sensors more then Pixhawks power module.. 
And second, any chance of shipping from Bulgaria for us EU folks? :)"
Nov 30, 2015
Para commented on Hugues's blog post How-to guide: Pixhawk with 6S batteries (> 4S)
"I believe the wait for a nice 6S sensor is over:
I've always wanted to "steal" the V/A readings off my FrSky FAS-100 sensors, but I never knew how..."
Nov 11, 2015
Para replied to Yochai 360Video's discussion HexaCopter Can't lift Itself
"I'm using 2814-710 motors driving Graupner 11x5s on a simiIar frame. I'm cheap, so I got RCTimer ones, even if it's sporting a $3k thermaI camera, but one can find them from Cobra, T-Motor, KDE and more.
The bird weights 2.1 Kg and has attached a ~…"
Nov 4, 2015
Para replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.2 beta testing
"I have Guided as one of my 6 flight modes. I select it on my TX then grab the tablet and hit Follow. Last I played with it was in July and it kinda' worked.
There's some behaviour I don't like. It won't hold the altitude you start with. It will…"
Sep 13, 2014
Para replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.2 beta testing
"Were you in "Guided" mode ?"
Sep 12, 2014
Para replied to xoltri's discussion Pixhawk causing motor sync issues.
"Unlike other ESCs come with an "airplane" firmware - with features like braking, soft-start or voltage cutoff - and can be reprogrammed with open-source code, the Afro series was designed by Mr. Hamasaki (aka TimeCop) and ran SimonK code from birth.…"
Sep 2, 2014
Para replied to Stone Jensen's discussion Can new sony cybershot for aerial mapping, be controlled ?
"If it has the Multi I/F, there's a chance it might support LANC.
Then one can build an RC/LANC interface with an arduino, or buy the mikrokopter unit."
Aug 17, 2014
Para replied to Matt's discussion APM 2.6 Telemetry to D8R-XP
"On the side of your D8R-XP you'll find the Rx/Tx/GND pins for the FrSky telemetry. The connection is exactly as for the D4R-II."
Aug 11, 2014
Para replied to Emi's discussion Pixhawk doesn't lift
"You're too heavy.
2:1 thrust/weight ratio is the barely minimum acceptable for safe hover.With 3:1 ratio you can fly OK, with some sluggish recovery from sporty maneouvers when the LiPo is almost empty."
Aug 4, 2014