AUAV is proud to announce our latest high quality PixHawk derivative - The XRacer V1. This project was developed in cooperation with Lorenz Meier, David Sidrane, Leonard Hall and many others. This board combines the latest IMU offerings from InvenSense and a large number of capabilities in a micro 36mmx36mm form factor.


Below are some pictures to peak your interest.


XRacer V1 specifications:

  • MCU - STM32F427VIT6 rev.3
  • FRAM - FM25V02-G
  • Ultra low noise LDOs for sensors and FMU
  • Sensors used - MPU9250, HMC5983 ( optional ), ICM20608 ( optional ), baro MS5611
  • Connectors - GPS+I2C, RC-IN, PPM-IN, RSSI, SBus-IN, Spektrum-IN, USART3 ( TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS ), USART2 ( TxD, RxD, CTS, RTS ), FRSky-IN, FRSky-OUT, CAN, USART8 ( TxD, RxD ), ESP8266 ( full set ),      SERVO1-SERVO6, USART7 ( TxD, RxD ), JTAG ( SWDIO, SWCLK ), POWER-BRICK ( VDD, Voltage, Current, GND ), BUZZER-LED_BUTTON
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Micro USB
  • ESP8266 802.11bgn ( optional )
  • Dimensions - 36 x 36mm with 30.5 x 30.5mm hole grid with 3.2mm holes
  • Molex Clik-Mate ( JST GH series ) connectors for easy peripheral connect.
  • Full set of ready made cables for almost any peripheral module.
  • Power supply - 5-5.5VDC from USB or PowerBrick connector. Soon the  ACSP4 ( 36 x 36mm power distribution, current, voltage sensor with 5V/2.5A ultra low noise buck and 12V/2A ultra low noise buck ) companion will be announced.


The price and availability will be announced within a few weeks.


Thank you again for your support.


Phil and Nick

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  • T3

    Nick, sounds good!

    I preorder one :-)

  • Hi Thorsten,

    The ESP-01 ( normal one ) works just fine. Btw, we'll design out own ESP module with hardware flow control, based on ESP-06


  • T3

    Hi Nick and Phillip,

    I just had a look at the ESP8266 modules. There is the normal one and a shielded version which is (potentially) FCC and CE certified. The shielded version does not fit to the PixRacers pins directly but there should be lower interference - or? Are there any other differences so that the shielded version can't be used?

    Thanks and best regards,


  • Hi guys,

    Unfortunately the first regular batch will be delayed because of the cable sets delay. I hope we'll receive the cables around Jan 4-5th. Currently, the boards tests are in progress. Will keep you informed.

    Best regards and Happy New Year !

  • Swift - We should have stock on tomorrow the 28th. We need to perform our internal testing and QC. We expect to begin shipping pre-orders this week.

    Para - There was lots of discussion on this. I need to confirm, but will report back soon.

  • And again, what are FrSky in/out pins for !? SPort ? :)

  • It's running MinimOSD-extra like other MinimOSD hardware.

  • Was thinking about this one


    No idea what software the OSD is running however.

  • Need small OSD? get a Micro MinimOSD or OSDoge and use FrSky telemetry with the X4R-SB or trusty D4R-II receivers

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  • The 3rd OSD/Telemetry layer would be a great idea if joined to AlceOSD project.

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