Pixhawk Tuning in Wind

I'm running a Pixhawk on a DJI S900 and its flight characteristics are very good in calm winds. The video coming out of the gimbal is vibration free. Anytime the wind picks up the Pixhawk holds its position well but is correcting to aggressively and introducing shaking into the video. 

What parameters should I begin with to reduce the correction occurring in windy conditions? I'm using stock PID's which feel appropriate in calm conditions.



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  • Ok, start by decreasing roll “p” gain by .2 then increasing “I” gain by .2 assuming their both the same to start with(which they should be in 2018)
    Then of course you could raise the “D” gain(it go’s up to .020 so don’t be shy)
    And of course the stabilize “P” (both) need to be as high as possible(it goes to more then 12 so doent be shy)
    And of course the most important thing is to start with AUTOTUNE!
  • The pixhawk is over aggressive in correcting for the wind causing vibration. I want to lower the aggressiveness of the pixhawk when correcting for wind. Non wind flying is perfect

  • Isn't this rather a gimbal tuning issue than a pixhawk tuning issue?
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