Can someone tell me the differences between a Pixhawk and the Pixhawk 2 that 3DR is marketing as being supplied with the Solo?


I've tried searching, but only found vague references to Pixhawk 2.

Even the 3DR web site is very light with info about Pixhawk 2.

Perhaps the info is being kept quiet until the final release? If so, that's ok, just let us know.



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I guess no one is telling? LOL

I received an email today that the Solo is now released.

So can someone now tell us what a 'Pixhawk 2' is?

There is a lengthy thread on RCgroups and it is mentioned in a few discussion on here.

Vibration isolation, 3x IMU, better molex connectors and a tentative release date on later this summer is what I have found.

Thanks for the summary. If anyone knows for sure, or can provide some URLs for my reading pleasure, that would be great.


If it's not then you're not trying hard enough: :p

Google doesn't turn up much. I guess Colin Guinn is trying to build up some hype by deliberately keeping it quiet.. but there really isn't a lot of info out there other than the PX4 Hardware GIT Repo which some might argue is much more info than you need.

FMUv3 revD PCB 3D Print from Above.PDF

IMUv3 revC PCB 3D Print from Above.PDF

 PSMv3 revC BCP 3D Print from Below.PDF

yes.... most of us here know how to use Google.

But considering this site is affiliated with 3DR, I would have expected a bit more of an answer, vs all the guessing and so on.

Without comparing the schematics, it's hard to know the new features. It sure would be nice to have a straight answer without digging, nor spending the time comparing schematics, drawings, etc.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't have a noisy regulator on the UHF RC band. 

The Pixhawk v1 is quiet, but the AUAV-X2 that I recently bought for it's compact size is too noisy for the airframe (using UHF RC) I intended to mount it in, so now I've got an empty airframe waiting for a Pixhawk 2 or whatever compact Arducopter FC appears next. 


Thanks for this, it's a lot more useful information than any of the previous posts. Much appreciated.

They don't want to say probably cause they want to unload their current stock of pixhawk controllers to the pdb's who will buy them to find out a week later there's a new and improved version.

Yes, this odd hierarchy of communication quality seems to have developed for the 3DR user community. is at the bottom and seems to have been largely abandoned by the experts. drones-discuss is near the top. There was drones-devel which was even higher on the pyramid but seems to be gone now; I'm not sure what happened to it. is good too.

As for the pixhawk 2 I'm pretty convinced the secrecy is because they just want a chance to sell the thing a bit before they release the info and instant chinese clones appear, and they can't sell it until they have all the kinks worked out for fear of hurting 3DR's reputation with hardware-caused crashes.

I do think it kinda sucks that hype comes before specs for the new 3DR products though, when they are the only "open" option on the market.

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