Can someone tell me the differences between a Pixhawk and the Pixhawk 2 that 3DR is marketing as being supplied with the Solo?


I've tried searching, but only found vague references to Pixhawk 2.

Even the 3DR web site is very light with info about Pixhawk 2.

Perhaps the info is being kept quiet until the final release? If so, that's ok, just let us know.



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Swift,i don't eat that rubbish so maybe in yours!!

I wonder if Emin Bu could summarize for us again when Pixhawk 2 will be available ?

This "Pixhawk 2" topic is similar to the Loch Ness monster : everyone fantasizes about it for years now, no one has got hard evidence about it, only a few people have seen it, nobody knows when it will get its head out to the general public !



To me the Pixhawk 2 is dead on arrival, with so many choices of quality compatible "clones" and even more choices for companion computers

To me the Pixhawk 2 is dead on arrival, with so many choices of quality compatible "clones" and even more choices for companion computers

Glad to have constructive people on the thread!
I guess there are different definitions of DOA around the world, to me this makes no sense. Looking forward to it, as are most!

I agree with the idea of a Pix 2 or a continue development hardware from firmware developers, perhaps with a better competitive price that the original have, perhaps Asia it's a better place to manufacture to be more competitive? I don't have enought knowledge to distinguish a good or bad quality board, only try and err and that have a big cost for me. Now I'm not hurry, I'm waiting a pixracer and have entretainment for hole this year with it, my comment was only a joke, sorry Philip :( 

Philip, I want to apologise because I think I got something wrong. I was thinking that pxhk 2 was pxhk + companion computer but if v2 is an improved version of the actual pixhawk my apologies and want to wish you all the best

I really doubt they'll be releasing the Pixhawk2 as a standalone FC. Right now it's in the Solo, and there's an onboard "processor" that is tied to the processor in the transmitter. The only way i see it happening is if you purchase the transmitter and the FC for the bird, but with the camera/transmitter/C2 all being over the same link, it's pretty much the same as the solo. 3DR has pretty much stated before that there is no money in the DIY community, so pretty much clones and incremental improvements are done with the open source Pixhawk version 1. I believe 3DR is focused on the commercial and enterprise market so there's no real reason for them to release the pixhawk2 as a DIY component since it'd require retrofitting most of the transmitter and video/RC link. If you look at their website, i'm sure they'll continue to sell the solo as a camera platform but they're expanding into the commercial/enterprise space. I honestly see the market splitting, with the DIY community leveraging the clones with companion processors and the big guys focusing on turn-key solutions for commercial applications. With "legal" commercial applications imminent, there is alot of focus on all vendors to push towards a simple solution for platform development. Hopefully they all get along and settle on a common standard so we don't get left out of the "cool new stuff". I like the solo, but alot of my frames are either larger or smaller than the Solo and I like the flexibility of choosing my own gear/payload.

The closest thing the community has to a pixhawk 2 is the snapdragon flight kit. It's really the best 'next gen' device that has more than just an upgraded processor/sensors and smaller footprint. I've been playing around with the Navio2, Erle Brain2 and PXFmini. But haven't been sufficiently impressed so far, too large a FC or too low compute to be worth replacing a F4 chip for a processor that'll operate both FC functions and compute/companion functions.

This is Pixhawk 2
I assure you the Pixhawk 2 is coming out soon.

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