I am a junior RC aficionado, have been going into drone´s world for last two years. 

I have performed my own quadcopter with Pixhawk as flight controller. In maiden flight, when drone was armed and I tried to take it off, motors went crazy and drone just rolled on ground before crash check failsafe activated.

At the moment of the accident, dron was also equipped with a Raspberry Pi3 and FPV system (camera+transmission+OSD), all connected to single main battery. Battery is a 4S LiPo with a 5VBEC to power the Raspberry Pi and a12V BEC to power the FPV system.

Log file shows severe anomaly in CTUN ThI behaviour compared to RC Input for channel 3 (CTUN ThI value gets to 2.5 when it should never get over 1 according to ardupilot docs). CURR. Volt. parameter also shows a severe drop in voltage level at the exact moment of the abnormal behaviour in CTUN ThI.

I think most probably the problem was in the FPV system but can not be sure. Maybe too many devices connected to one battery isn´t a good idea also. All the devices continue working if tested individually.

I attach the bin file for the "mission" in case it helps.

Thank you very much in advance and excuse my  low english skills

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I reviewed your bin file. It looks to me that something is wrong with your physical setup. When thing went bad you had 2 motors revving and the other two going to zero. Things that come to mind are:

1) motors connected to the wrong channels.

2) motor spin direction error.

3) pixhawk not pointing the right direction or the direction parameter set wrong.

Please recheck your set up. 


Hi Greg

I forgot to tell in the original message that I checked all these things you say and they were all right. in fact, I retired the "extra stuff" of the drone (RPi3 and FPV) and flew normally with the same physical configuration and no problem, so I think it´s clear that this is not the issue.

Thanks anyway

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