We are attempting to program our PixHawks for fixed-wing Powered Gliders. We are only using four channels: Throttle, Aileron, Elevator and Rudder. Main Channels 1-4.

When we program them with Q Control, we can receive T / A / E and R from the Transmitter viewing the ANALYZE status display, but the status shows no Servo output for Rudder (CH4). If we program using Mission Planner, then we lose CH1 (Throttle).

However, if we INVERT CH1, then the Throttle output goes to maximum, but we cannot control it.

This has happened now on two PixHawks.

We have been using Spectrum / JR Satellites and Transmitters. We have also tried nixing the satellite to the SKTM connection and instead used the PPM converter they recommend to a Spektrum 6 channel Receiver. We have been using a JR 9503 Transmitter.

I am sure there is something we are missing either on the Transmitter end or the Software end, but we are at a loss.

Any help is appreciated.

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