Pixhawk with DJI Lightbridge

Has anyone been able to configure a Pixhawk to work with a lightbridge HD link?

I'm able to get the Lightbridge control signals to the pixhawk but I've yet to figure out how to set the FailSafe.  When I turn off the RC controller, the lightbridge air module continues to output the same S.Bus channel signal levels. 

From talking to others I've found out that Lightbridge outputs the fail-safe "flag" in the header or footer (I'm not sure which) of the S.Bus signal (not the normal PPM channels like the pixhawk is expecting).  Can anyone confirm this is true and if so, how can I map the DJI Lightbridge failsafe signal to the Pixhawk's failsafe.


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  • Did anybody went further and was able to achieve something meaningful with Lightbridge 2 + Pixhawk?

    I mean: three filght modes, gimbal tilt, recording start/stop? What is the user experience?

    Big problem with DIY ground stations - they are extremely bulky.

  • Lots of BS here with no real explanation....

  • You would need a dji receiver to use the LB controller. If money is not an issue you can but one , if it is check out wifibroadcast. Its is still very much DIY, but very inexpensive. 1 to 3 km 720p video is possible, and it gets better every day, with several people working on it hours every day to make it moreuser friendly and push the features.
  • I’m trying to integrate a Pixhawk flight controller with DJI’s Lightbridge air module, so I can fly a 3DR x8+ octocopter using the same DJI Lightbridge controller I use with my Phantom 3 pro. I’d rather not buy another transmitter if I don’t need it.

    I see no reason why these components shouldn’t be able to be configured to work very nicely together.

    Online, I’m seeing alot of information that’s confusing, ambiguous, and sometimes even self contradictory.......

    Some sources say that the Lightbridge “Air” module is for fpv video only; others say that it can control more, if not all, functions of the drone, including flight piloting, gimbal/camera, failsafe, gps/compass, telemetry and system performance, all in one little silver box less than half the size of a pack of tobacco cancerstyx......

    Does this mean that I can dispense with the Pixhawk controller altogether, along with Frsky’s small 8 channel 2.4gig receiver, a gimbal controller?-- How much more can this thing do? Is this why it costs about $400?

    This bird has been sitting in my living room long enough, taking up valuable space and eating up money every time I try to do something to get it to fly. I’m not dead-set/locked into Lightbridge~~ I have the factory 915 mhz system that came with it, or I could also install a 5.8gig fpv setup. If I can’t get this drone working with Lightbridge, I have a devof12e 2.4/5.8gig hybrid tx, or if I’m just going to go with the 915mhz, I can just buy the tx 3DR ships with this drone... I bought it as a BNF.....

    Please advise if you can...... mishaps in this hobby have a habit of becoming very, very expensive......

    Machines of infinite dollar consumption......:)***

  • Developer

    I think the LB needs to be connected to the DJI FC somehow but cant remember the details.

    How else would it be able to display the Telemtry data on the screen if there is no connection.

    I would try the Connex stuff.

  • I am looking at exactly the same configuration, as I am using Pixhawk as FC. Adding LB as a standalone module for transmitting video. Can I just plug the HDMI from the camera, power the LB air module with a 3-6S battery and receive the video on the ground? or does the LB need connection to the flight controller  or RC receiver? Would this work?

    My other option is Connex by Amimon. The only reason not to go directly with the Amimon (which has Mavlink telemetry capability) is that it is more expensive and has worse specs in terms of range.

    Does anyone have insights on this issue?

    David Posea said:

    Did anyone ever figure this out? I've just learned that Lightbridge will send RC control signals. I was looking at using Pixhawk on a plane, and DJI LB just for video. It would better to integrate the two.

  • Did anyone ever figure this out? I've just learned that Lightbridge will send RC control signals. I was looking at using Pixhawk on a plane, and DJI LB just for video. It would better to integrate the two.

  • Has anyone tried using the light bridge on a Solo?
    May have to use two Rasperry Pi's as wireless bridges, but this may just increase latency and interference; as the normal 2.4 GHz Wifi is not as fault tolerant (a 3DR Pilot member mentioned the UDP / TCP can only withstand a 15% packet loss).
    Obviously one would end up needing another Raspery Pi bridge for connecting to a tablet / PC; and by the sound of things the lightbridge is point to point telemetry system, so one could fly under HDMI, but no telemetry data.
    Is there anyway of increasing the hamming distance (additional redundancy coding) within data packets sent over normal Wifi?

  • Hi,
    i got a LB2 and i've question.

    I would like to use it on a plane with a pixhawk inside.

    Actually it's working fine with the SBUS output but could you explain me why i've only 5 channels and not 14 channels like i use it on a A2 controller ?

    I've only A E T R and FLIGHT MODE (1,2,3,4,5 et 7).

    Best regards

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your information. I'm just going to set my pixhawk copter up and figuring which to use, LB or Connex.

      Have you figured the problem out ? Does LB2 go well with your pixhawk?

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