• I've had no negative effects.  I've got about 4 to 5 hours of run time on a set of EMAX 30A Opto ESC's.

  • There's no solution, i have Emax 12a SimonK and Emax12a BLHeli the tow had the issue...

    Sorry for my enlgish!.

    • Have you tried removing the resister and capacitor as per earlier post. It should then work.
  • Anyone interested in how to make EMAX 30amp (only I have tested...) with pixhawk:

    Remove the two resistors marked in the picture and that will be it:


    • I have just tested and confirmed that this fix works. My Emax BLheli 30A ESC did not work with the pixhawk controller and now it does. Thanks for figuring this one out for us Aldo!

      • Hi, I used to have the same problem with PX4 and EMAX ESCs, and I had to change this type of ESC to another

        Can you tell me how you did with your EMAX esc


    • I will test tomorrow night as I have one ESC I removed those for flashing.  The flashing didnt work but maybe it will allow them to work with the Pixhawk 

      • Hi,

        Life got in the way of testing.....  So I finally did a bench test and eureka, I can confirm that on the EMax BLHELI 30A Opto ESC that I removed the Capacitor and Resister it arms!!!  I then tested one without them removed and yep it doesn't arm....

        The notes say that removal of the capacitor will allow more noise on the line so food for thought......

        I wish I had tried my modified ESC earlier, I removed those components about a month ago.  Grrrrr.

        So now we just need to understand the difference.  I have bought a DIY Oscilloscope so now once I've built it I'll put them both on and see what the difference is.

        Just remove the components in the earlier post by @Aldo Vargas 



        • I'm having this "no spin after armed" behavior with 30A Rotorgeeks BLHELI 13.2.

          Sometimes after several boot tries the ESC beeps after i press the safety switch and the motors spin.

          I guess this resistor mod will not work with the rotorgeeks. Is there any other hope?


          • I'm thinking in flash SimonK to them...

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