Hey all,

I was building my F450 Quadcopter since the last days. Yesterday I tried to fly for the first time. Now, I have 2 Problems:

1) The Copter is completely unstable in the Stabilize-Mode. It drifts right and left and up and down. I dont know why.

2) The Front direction of the Pixhawk and the GPS+Compass Module is in the direction of the two red arms. But if I want to fly forward, The Copter goes right or left. So I can say that he "thinks", that his nose is between the white and the red arm. I dont know why.

My setup is:
DJI F450 Frame
Pixhawk Controller, newest Arducopter Version
TMotor Air Gear 350 Populsion System
Calibrated ESCs, Compass and Accelerometer.
3dr power module, LiPo 5000mah 4s
Graupner MZ18, GR24 Receiver

Here a Video: https://youtu.be/vT8SHf0RuC8

Please help me, I dont know what is Wrong.

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Did you ever figure it out?  I'm building an F550 Hex and it will hover fine, but goes in all the wrong directions.

Hi, the Channels on my remote were wrong changed.

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