PixHawkCube Motor 4 on Main output 5 (has pwm output even when disarmed)


Hopefully someone knows what is going on here. For some reason there is no output signal on Main out 4 anymore ( not sure if it causes the crash(minor flip) of broke after the crash ).

Swith all motors and esc's around and the issue must be main out 4. 

So i was thinking i remap motor 4 on Main out 5. And yes that seems to be working but i do have an constand signal on out 5 (1102 ) even when disarmed . That stop the motor beep but i want the motors to beep all in disarmed state so i know sure that they all "work" and stop peeping when i arm.

I already check the servo functions, SERVO4_FUNTION = 0 and SERVO5_FUNTION is assigned to function 36 max / min trim etc are the same as for 1 to 3.

Does someone know where to look ?  


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i see that curious , could yo tell me what version of ardupilor are you using and could you repeat this remap in a previous version of ardupilot?

maybe you can do the throtlle(radio) calibration with that remap situation....

could you chek the fligth logs?

I did not do any upgrade, this is the only version i had installed. I can't remember the version (3.6.xx i think) . I don't have the device here at the moment.

Before posting i did a complete controller calibration , but i only switched motor4 function on servo5 ( output servo4 is dead for some reason). What i do know is when i switch motor4 function on servo6 i get exact the same. Must be something i did not think off.

Turned out is was a setting witch channels must be disabled when the save mode is on in mission planner.

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