PLANE: Throttle cuts out in a pattern

PLANE: 3.4 problems

i have been trying to get plane going for a long time and keep having the same problem. i fly in manual mode so it isnt a problem with flight control. the throttle acts as though the signal is intermittent. half second on, half second off, repeating over and over. the control surfaces also seem to not respond well. perhaps they are intermittent as well. the control works fine on the ground and turns to crap after take off 

here is the log


2015-10-28 14-50-41 92.bin

2015-10-28 14-50-41 92.bin.log.gpx

2015-10-28 14-50-41 92.bin.log

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    Your logs have very little in them so it's hard to tell, you might want to enable more logging. (

    It sounds like you could be having a range issue with your RC as you're flying in manual mode and thus are not using the flight controller. Try do a range check as described by your RC radio manufacturer. Is your failsafe set on the flight controller.

    You could also have a power issue (but it's not logged in your logs).

    • That was my initial thought as well. But I did a range check prior and it was fine. Rxrssi never dropped below 75%. I really don't think that's the problem. I have not calibrated the esc. But don't have any synch issues on the bench. This only happens when airborne. I'm stumped and don't want to put it in the air because it is a very schetchy flying experience and a crash is going to happen
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        The Rx RSSI you see in the MP is the RSSI relating to the telemetry radio's not your RC radio. Unless of course you have one of the new radio's that have an RSSI out and you have connected that to the flight controller and set it up to report RC RSSI.

        Does it happen all the time in the air or only when you're further away?

        Although it's a risk the way to see what's happening is to enable detailed logging and do a short flight then post the log here, even a tlog will help.

        Also post your setup: RC system, APM or Pixhawk, telemetry radio's used, how is the FC powered, etc

        • No, this is the rxrssi that is coming from the Orange openlrsng and has the capacitor to smooth out the signal. It's actual rxrssi not telemetry. The telemetry was 90's. I use rfd900 radios.
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