Hi All,

First of all My escs and radio were calibrated.

At startup randomly one motor does not start after about 3-4 three minutes successfull run.

If motor starts there is no problem it continues to start and spin.

On my video look at startup, 2.07 and 3.00.


My Quad config is:

Pixhaw with Arducopter 3.2.1

H4 Aliena 680 frame with Aerialmob landing gear

TM-MN4010 370Kv Motors

RCTimer 15x5.5 Propeller


16A Gens Battery




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  • The only time I had this happen to me turned out to be a faulty ESC... it started out with the motor randomly not starting up on arming... then progressed to not starting at all. It was a fairly quick progression, however, over the course of may a couple days before it failed all together. The only other thing I can think of is did you try calibrating your ESCs individually? I have read that calibrating all at once can sometimes not work, though I have never had this issue. Hope this helps in some way. 

    • Hi,

      I think i solved the problem.

      I change THR_MIN value to 150 and RC_SPEED value to 100.

      I found this solution while searching in forums.

      Maybe THR_MIN change could be enough.

      I tested this at ground level.

      I will fly as soon as possible and We will see the results.

      Best regards.

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