Please Prove that I am a Nube by telling me what I am doing wrong!

Hi all

Please help me with a problem i have been having with the APM 2. 

Whenever I take off my quad copter wobbles at about 4Hz and climbs. 

Sounds like the gains are too high and overshooting was my first thought but no matter what gains i use the same behavior happens, wether i am flying in stabalise or acro mode. 

I have spend days playing with all of the PID values to try get rid of this with no success. 

Im no beginner when it comes to quads i have built from scratch and flown, rebuilt and crashed a hundred times. so all the usual things like motors backwards, wrong props etc should not be contributing. To prove this i built 2 identical quads, one controlled with a kk2 board, flew the quad to ensure that it was working perfect, then put the APM onto that quad but i still get the same bad behavior. 

I have setup the software twice and when connected to mission planner all the hud and gyros seam to work fine i.e. left shows up left and so on. i have run all of the pre setup procedures, calibrated compas, accels and transmitter multiple times to try get this to work.

Finally i have spent a week searching the internet for something to help me with no luck and im helping the knowledge here will solve my problem

So the quad is a 450mm flamewheel running 1200kV motors 10" x 4.5 props, 30 amp afro ESC's on a 3S 3000mah LiPo. Frsky reciever and a 9xr Transmitter. 

I would love to hear that im doing something simple wrong so please help. 

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Sure sounds like you've covered the bases and just have a bad APM. Have you used that APM before? Power module?

What about some logs?

What sort of logs would you like to see there are so many parameters that you can chooss to log, thanks 


Have not used this APM before, It is being powered from the BEC off the number 1 motors ESC, I have also tried to power from a stand alone BEC to see if that is causing the problems but same behaviour. 

Any way of testing the hardware on the APM?

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