( Firstly )  - please excuse what might be a really stupid  question - but, since I'm new to all of this... I cant help thinking....

Isn't there some way ( even on a very small scale ) to use a combination of a small 2 stroke powered motor ( or a typical RC gas powered engine ) to spin a small generator and thus create power to assist in "trickle charging "  - or even powering a quad?

I understand there is a weight issue, but I'm thinking the right combination of ESC and motors ( electric ) and prop size could possibly provide enough grunt to lift the thing.

If this were possible, then using a real liquid fuel would ONLY make the drone progressively lighter  compared to the total weight at the start  as it consumes its supply of fuel - in the meantime,

While I'm at it - what about using DC to AC inverter technology some how to an advantage in power output?

 - Just asking.. lol!

[ there are no stupid questions -  the only time a question is stupid, is when you should have asked - but you didn't.]


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Hi rick.

I too have thought about doing something like what you mentioned above. i found this tiny engine on youtube that can possibly, with some mods, run a small generator that makes enough power to feed 3 motors, a kk2 board, 3-4 esc's, and the receiver. who knows, it might work?


Hi there 

Im new here Ive always been wanting to make a UAV with the intention of using Hydrogen cells I know they use them in RC cars and was going to experiment with the idea and thought this might be some thing you would like to look upon for alternative power.

Link below is to the site witch sells these little power plants i dont know to much about them as yet need to look into it.


Hope this helps/Inspires some one


Did you notice the UAV specifically designed cell on the site? http://arcolaenergy.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=37&product...

Not sure how much they are as it's all POA but if someone had some cash to throw down and find a solution (I don't have the cash but I do have the desire) then perhaps in a few years LiPo's will be a thing of the past and we'll all be brewing hydrogen from our tap water at home :P

Costs are high at the moment because it's not mainstream - My first Arduino wasn't mainstream when I purchased it and I paid $150 for a unit that is eclipsed by the $30 units today.  All it took was a lot of developers driving them to become more mainstream :)


When I read your question a few weeks ago, it ignited an explosion of insanity in my mind.

How can we get more joules/mass (over batteries) while avoiding gasoline?   It took me the better part of three non-stop days of thinking and tinkering but finally I came up with an idea, electrolysis of water.  

The thought was somewhat simple, use the reaction "electricity+H20(a) > 2H2(g)+O2(g)" as a gaseous battery.  In turn, the gas can be combusted (or burned) to power an engine (or steam turbine), thus producing the mechanical effort needed for a generator or propeller.

Another thought that came to mind, the gaseous battery can be "charged" per say by almost any electrical source, be it solar, wind or from the power grid.  Take that gasoline!

Right now I am saving up to buy the needed research materials however I do intend to publish my work as open source once I am finished.   First thing I will be doing is reinventing the proverbial "electrolysis wheel" and figure out the most effective and efficient way to produce the gas.

Two questions for everyone!

Does anyone have any ideas on compressing explosive gases as a low cost?  I don't mind much hazard, I have a bomb range at my disposal.

Would anyone be willing to help me start a kick starter?  I suck at making things look attractive.


I didnt notice but I have emailed them asking for a price have not heard back will email again as I really want one :) will find out price for you :)

I honestly think the clutch is nothing more than added weight.

Think of a car's alternator.   When the engine runs, the alternator dumps its energy into the battery to compensate for the electronics and air conditioning.

The alternator doesn't care if its over compensating, it just starts to recharge the battery if its not fully charged.

When the engine shuts down, everything begins to suck from the battery until everything is shut down.

What I am thinking would be smart is to have your engine turn the alternator all the time, crank it up if you need to recharge batteries and operate at the same time, once everything is full back off the throttle enough to sustain the charge while everything is running.   If you idle and sustain the charge, you have too large of an engine or very little load.

I think we lost each other here.  Isn't this topic about extending the range of an electric quadcopter?

Considering that the quadcopter is powered by electric motors, wouldn't that be the sole purpose of the engine?  To convert fossil fuel into an energy type the system can use in flight?

Considering that I am no electrician, may I be missing something?

I feel like an idiot right now, I misunderstood your initial post..

A hybird would be a splendid idea in a traditional helicopter setup, however in a multicopter setup, it would be impossible.

True but it would add quite a bit of expence.
Just a thought, what would you say if I told you that your gas engine could "burn electricity"? :3

Pm me, passing out.

Hybrid electric power sources have been discussed in some length before in this venue.  The bottom line is: not only are fossil fuel engines feasible for aviation on-board power generation (high energy vs. mass ratio), but they're IN USE today.  Adapting one on a small scale for an electric multicopter has yet to be done commercially, but the basic physics calculations are compelling.


Just got a reply WTF!!!!!

'Hello Jamie,

Thank you for your email regarding AeroPAK.

I do not currently have detailed pricing for the various components of

However the base-price is around $20,000 (USD).

If you would like me to get in touch with head office to request a quote
or wish to further discuss your needs please don't hesitate to get in touch.'

Whats the crack with that? Think I will get a developer kit and experiment

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