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I have been following the online instructions for putting my arducopter together. I have my arducopter about 75% finished, but i am struggling with something. I cant seem to figure out how the board is supposed to power up without the usb plugged in. I just finished calibrating my first esc and the board never lit up, so thinking that I was missing something i plugged in the pdb just like it should be when it is put together, but i still cant seem to get any lights on the board to light up. When I plug it into usb it works just fine. Maybe I am just getting lost in the wiring somewhere? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can see it on the ArduCopter wiki:


    If you need to check your P.Distro wiring, follow the wiki here.

    If you need to check your RC wiring, follow the wiki here.


    Did you followed the P.Distro step-by-step tutorial? (the first link above)

    If yes, please, what point isn't clear?



  • Here is a picture of how i have it plugged in right now. and when i plug in the battery the esc beeps at me but the apm never lights up.


  • there should be a red and a black wire coming from PDB and connecting to the APM

    these are the power wires

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