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       I have tried to produce an agriculture drone. I just completed all set-up configuration and I have performed the first flight attempt. however, the agricultural drone  could not take-off because the  voltage supplied by my batteries were not enough to produce the required RPM of the motor for take-off.

Frame :x8 octoquad

Motor : U8II 85 KW

ESC : Alpha 80 A HV

Propeller 29x9,5

Controler : Cube

Battery : 2 x 6S  (serial )

           I used 6S 200A power module because I did not have a 12S power module. I know that I have to use HV version but I dont want to waste time while shipping. so, I connected the 6S power module to one of the batteries and then connected the power module in series to the other battery before connecting the batteries to the ESC. Is my circuit arrangement affecting the voltage produced by the batteries to drive the motor at the required RPM for take-off?

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