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I m 47 years old

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I ve a pilot since 1990 ..



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H. Sms posted a discussion
Hii everyone, also both of these parametersare diffrent unit (deg and rad ) it seems to be same unit. I asked this question because I m looking for where to placed main board according to mass Center. Best Regards
Jun 29
H. Sms posted a discussion
Hii Guys       I have tried to produce an agriculture drone. I just completed all set-up configuration and I have performed the first flight attempt. however, the agricultural drone  could not take-off because the  voltage supplied by my batteries…
Aug 17, 2018
H. Sms posted a discussion
Hiii Guys I have problem for power module calibration: I have calibration Values but that is for 6S battery but I m using 12 S batter how can I calibrate or calculate values...? if anybody help me I will be very pleasurehave Nice Day...
Aug 8, 2018
H. Sms posted a discussion
Hii Guys :         is it possible to use two GCP at the diffrent places for an aircraft? first point will be take off and main control point , secondly point take place 10 km over the main point, the aircraft should be land second point then take…
Feb 5, 2018