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Ok so Im kind of confused. I want to run a video camera that recommends a 3s 11.1V Li-Poly with JST plug and a plane that uses 11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po Battery and the ardupilot that iIdon't really get how/where the power supply comes from and also I was unsure how I could power the receiver w/o that extra battery pack(does it even need the battery, also its a 9 ch if that matters on how much power it needs). Im really confused with all these electronics and how to run them without a billion batteries that could weigh down my plane. So here the list of electronics one more time.

motor                       11.1V 1000mAh Li-Po w/ TP/FP style connector

receiver                                   ?

video system                         3s 11.1V Li-Poly with JST plug    

ardupilot                                     ?


does anyone know how i could run all of this off of one or two batteries with being two heavy.Like what splitters or connectors might I need, and are the voltages and amps even compatible.


please help i will take any suggestions:)

and if you need anymore info on the batteries or the set up just let me know.



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