Power supply for battery charger

Ok I am sure this is a total noob question, but I would appriciate some advise.


I bought a Turnigy Li-Po Battery Charger and I noticed the product page says that the power supply is not included.  I assume this means that thoes nice little aligator clips need to be clipped to something for me to plug it into the wall (120V).  Anyone have a suggestion on how to go about this safely.  I would hate to fry the charger.



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  • Thanks guys. I must have looked for an hour at the HK site, searching for something to clip the alligator clips to. Seems an ac adapter should have been obivious to me but I couldn't see that there was a connection for one. Thanks a bunch!
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    Alternately, they sell, or you buy at RadioShack, a wall wart with the proper voltage/wattage.

    That info is on their site and in the manual.
  • You can use the alligator clips to connect the charger to a car battery. I've done it out in the field a lot with my lipos.
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