Power supply- Pixhawk PM, BEC/UBEC, SBus and RX

Hi, I have a hexacopter that I am in the final stages of configuring the peripherals. I run a 4S parallel lipo and have a AMP heavy lift motors (770kv) and aimdrox arms and landing gear.

With all of this and the gimbal, I need 5v for the servo rail and 12V for the FPV and gimbal. I have bought the turnigy Ubec that supplies 5v@5a and 12v@10a and have that wired into the battery pack so I have plenty of power.

My question relates to Pixhawk Aux out and my Rx (Futaba 7008SB) which I currently run the landing gear from and have SBus to Pixhawk. If I plug a Ubec into the Rx, will it deliver the +5v to the pixhawk servo rail via the positive lead or do I need to split the Ubec to have an input both into Pixhawk and Rx?

It will be less of an issue when APM:Copter 3.3 is out with the LG setting as all peripherals will be powered via the AUX ports in Pixhawk. But I am just curious.



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