powering esc's with out the distrabution board

I'm building the adrucopter with a gaui 330x. I know the adrucopter's power distribution board the escs plug in and only the "+ -" gos into the location for motor one on the actual adrino board. Would it be ok if I plugged the "s + -" from each esc into the headers on the adrino?

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  • I have had a similar fail, I use jdrones esc's and this all 6 need signal ground connected to battery ground, because inside the esc the ground connection between battery and signal ground is not hard wired. if you use jdrones pcb all ground connections go to battery ground(-). So remember to put all signal cable ground from esc and put it in to apm. If you take a flight without do that maybe you lose pwm to the esc.

  • Thanks every one for helping me! finally ended up recharging both battery's (lipo and tx), and running though the initialization of every thing again... not sure what was different but i finally have it flying... for some odd reason I cant disarm the motors but I will continue to play around and hopefully figure it out...

  • hey guys so Ive gotten the radio calibrated and all of the esc's calibrated however once I connect the signal wires to the apm pins the motors just beep constantly. the battery is freshly charged and the switch is away from the pins. What should i check?

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    That is most likely a bad move. Unless the ESC is designed for it, or unless you add some schottky diode, you do not want to plug all the ESC BEC power onto the rail at the same time.


    However, there is an easy solution: 




    But bear in mind, in this configuration, it is easy for the servo cables to come loose, and if you lose signal on one of the motors, then you will crash. Cheers.

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