UPDATE: The plans are now available here: http://www.buildafoamie.com/products.html

We're working on a UAV platform. You can see our progress here.
We'd love any feedback anyone has.. This is just a prototype, but we'd like to eventually add a camera, auto pilot, and GPS.

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Can you put a picture in your post, pls?
Sure thing.. sorry.
Here is the first flight video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57eCXenXiVk

The plane flew very well, and is really stable. We may have to scale it up a bit in order to add autopilot etc.. A low transmitter batter lead to the crash near the end of the video.
Wow that is very cool. I know the predator is a very popular sought after model. But it seems there aren't any real good manufactures of the predator out there. Any chances of you selling a package containing just the predator itself without the ardupilot stuff?

Yes, we are getting ready to launch a website (buildafoamie.com) where we will be selling the plans to build this predator model as well as several other planes.

We have no plans to sell actual foam kits/parts, at least not at the moment. But if you are interested in hiring us to put together one of these scratch-built predators for you I'm sure we could work something out.

If you want to be notified when these the plans for the predator are available, just head over to http://www.buildafoamie.com/blog and click on the newsletter link.
Well considering I have never cut foam and am so new to this hobby I don't even own a plane yet Im sure I would be interested in having you put together something for me might be an option depending on what kind of price that involves of course. ;)
It would actually be pretty reasonable... The foam is inexpensive, and the motor and receiver are not too bad either. Do you have a transmitter yet?

Let me talk to our main builder and he can tell you how much it would cost.
I literally have nothing yet. Though I have been considering some kind of 6 channel perhaps a Futaba or Spektrum Tx. I don't want to drop to much but something that will last and give me what I need.
Hi all,
Like your project. In fact I am working on a very similar project, although mine is going to be a hybrid between the predator B and C, it is a V tail aircraft.
It is my first ever RC build. Yep I am a Noob and somehow going for the EasyStar solution would take half the fun out. I will post some pics of my Model 000 if you guys promise not to be too hard on me ;).
Anyway, I have a question for you Mark, are you using any reinforcement on the wings?
Nope, not on the wings at all. I am using some wooden skewers on the elevators as you can see in the pictures here: http://www.buildafoamie.com/blog/sneak-peek/rc-predator-drone-proto...
Nice... I see you have the bent the foam as well. So I would say that gives you enough strength to go without any other reinforcement on the wing itself. Nice job.
Predator Drone Plans are now available here: http://www.buildafoamie.com/products.html

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