predator plans

Does anybody know where I could get a set of predator plans to build a video platform. I plan on using a 62 cc engine so I can scale them up or down as needed. I'd like to have the craft done for our Spring fly-in. Thanks, Todd

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  • Awesome plan ! 


    Here they are in pdf format full size scall to be print on 9x A0 900mmx1500mm pages. 


    Have fun ! 



    MQ-9B 14' PDF

  • Free PDF plans are up.

    Foam, Glue, Tape And A Little Imagination
  • I don't have plans up yet, but will very soon. Paul from the RC Foam Fighters has already started on them. I guess I didn't post in the right area? I posted in the "aircraft design" forum. here's the link to the thread...
  • my bad, I got the files from the links on page 2...
  • Possible, that I can get a copy as well?

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    Wow did they jump on you head Hooks!! Thats not nice.
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    I know this is just a scale copy of the real thing, but I learned the hard way about making scale copy of the scan eagle..

    Can't say much about the case, but be sure not to violating design copyright.

  • One of these has already been built. It was designed by someone in the US and he has a build log as well. I will include the url for it when I upload the plans. He has some nice pictures of it during the build process.
  • I will upload them tonight. The plans are about 40 meg in size and from memory it uses a large gas engine (1.20) I think.
  • Me too!!!!

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