• Hi, I get mine today and have the same problem, I follow the tips from other post to Disable other serial ports and it work now.


    • it is resolved by changing the bootloader.

      This was not good anymore boot loader is deployed via a ardriuno uno and everything works again.

      Hope you can solder properly. because you do not have much space and the PCB tracks are very sensitive and easily let go.

      so pay attention to what you're doing.  

      and the pin out of de HKpilot Micro Apm see the picture.


  • Was anyone of you able to solve this problem? I am in the same situation. 

    I think I will try to flash the bootloader. I just have to find this damn SPI pins :/

  • I have the same problem with this apm. after linking with mission planner is only the green power LED on via USB. and the PC recognized still the ATmega2560 and the com port. but connect does not work and I get connection error.
    I tried a firmware update, and this is just a blinking orange LED. see this movie this person has the same problem.

    does anyone know a solution for this ?? or be sent back to HK ???
    now its dead grrrrrrrr,

    greets stephan

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Aug 25