Can someone please help me I want to fly tomorrow!!

I have APM 2.5+ Arduplane 2.7

I have a ZII wing. 

Current Set Up-

left elevon-output 1

right elevon-output 2

Throttle-output 3

Throttle, aileron, elevator input into the correct inputs

In the radio, elevon mixing is OFF.

I tried to enable it in the 'elevon' config in the radio calibration. It is not enabling elevon mixing. 

Help me?


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Which Transmitter are you using?

DX8. I thought the Ardupilot was supposed to internally mix the elevons so I left my radio in normal mode. Found the correct guide on the wiki to set up and now everything works. 

That's great.

I just flew my new X8 with APM 2.5 on the weekend.

I am using a Turnigy 9x with Frsky module and the stock firmware.

Luckily I found a guide on the web for setting up elevons on the 9x.

X8 flies very well under APM control by the way.


I have the same problem.

Where is this guide on the Wiki?


What do you need help with?

The transmitter setup?

Or the APM setup?


Hello, I have the same setup as you.


The radio has er9x software and the mixing is setup correct in the radio.


The elevons is moving as I move the sticks but I have one problem when I pull the right stick down the elevons move down wards and when I push the stick forward I the elevons move up how can I reverse it, I have changed soooo many things on the mission planner and on the radio self but I am not getting it right.


Can you mabey give me screen shot on how your mission planner is setup in the radio config as wel as a pic on how is your radio setup in the mixing and the inverted\non inverted section



Mostly tells you to just use chanel 1/2 and set them up in the mission planner.

Tells you how reverse them.

I have gone thru this over and over, what ever I do there, there is 0 effect on the plane.

Reverse the elevator channel on the transmitter?


Could you please tell me which guide is that? or where can i find it?


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