I am configuring apm2 on my Zephyr2.  I have the throws down to about +-35% on my futaba9c.  In mission planner I configure, and then set the endpoints for each channel.  I save and boot up the plane in manual mode... reduced throws work perfect!  I switch to stabilize mode and the apm2 supplies FULL servo range nearly bending my pushrods.

How do I get stabilize, RTL, automission, (every mode) throw values to match the limits of manual mode?  I want all the flight behaviors to match.


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  • Why not just set up your servos normally?  Is there some advantage to your setup?

    If I understand you right you want the radio calibration to understand that your full range (as sent to the APM) is actually only 70% of what the total range should be?

    If I understand right then it isn't really an issue with the software.  What you should do is set your radio to normal mode (100% range), calibrate it in APM, then switch your range back to +-35%.

  • But that is on apm 1
  • On my zeph it is ok, but I think I had this problem when I tried for the first time. I did some searching on the forum and found that doing radio calibration with full throw and no expo would help.
    I tried and it worked.........I'm not sure about my software version, I bought it preloaded from Udrones a couple of weeks ago.
  • Developer

    Hi Adam,

    I just verified your report and find the same behavior.  I have not looked at elevon mixing since last fall and don't remember this behavior in earlier revisions.

    I have submitted it as an issue to the issue tracker to get it on the dev team's to do list.

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