Problem with GPS or.... ?

Hello guys,

Look at this video from today:

from 04:20 had bad video, enganged RTL and it was working well and was flying at direction 196.
at 05:42 quad was flying sideways (as if nose turned right) but still flying home at direction 194.

i didnt like the sideways flight, so went back to ALTH, and the arrow was now sowing home to my front left, when it was to my back.

from 6:05 im flying towards home (and the distance to home is decreasing) but the arrow pointing to home is to the BACK ?
at this point im flying SOUTH and the heading shows 030-040 degress like im flying NORTH ?

it only seems to go back to correct arrow reading at 06:42.

This was one of the weird instances i had today, and this was with 8 sattelites.

Also check out this video:

look what happens when i hit LOITER at 05:30 (twice).

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  • I did not watch the vid, but usually when something is wrong with the direction of something, it is the compass and not the GPS. GPSes know nothing about the direction they are pointing - and only roughly about the direction they are moving. Compasses can measure pretty exactly the direction they are pointing, and nothing else.

    Magnetic interference from high amp battery wiring is a common source of compass errors. Try, as a test, to see if the compass reading changes when you apply full throttle to the copter. It has to be while standing still and with propellers on, so tie it to a cinder block or something. Try this with the nose in all of N, S , E, W directions. If there is a large change somewhere, you have to move the high current wiring further away from the compass.

    (Even if the problem is something different, I still think this test is worth doing. Solved some problems for me anyway).



  • BTW im using APM2.5 with 2.9.1 (or 2.9.1b, not sure right now) and U-Blox CN-06 V2.0  NEO-6M GPS.

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