Problem with reverted directions in Quad - HELP ! :(

Hello, few days ago i've launched my Quad, unfortunately i have a serious problem with it. It looks like this: i connect everything to it, works just fine i start it up, fly a bit and then my direction inputs get completely reverted. (meaning right is left, left is right) Can somebody help me to fix this issue?

APM 2.6

Spectrum DX8 

Stabilize + Simple Mode

ESC 4in1 Hobbywing 

it all reverts back to normal - for a few moments of flying - when i plug the device out and plug it back in.

2014-06-19 19-20-54.log

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    I sort of had a similar problem once, but I solved it by recalibrating the radio.  I think I was just being stupid and calibrated it holding the drone the wrong way.  Anyway, fixed it right away so I didn't keep a record of what I did. I also did the compass. 

    • Hi 

      The problem was in "Simple Mode" option. If you turn it off, everything is fine again.

      ;-) Mirek

      • From:

        Generally when arming you should stand behind the vehicle with it’s nose pointing directly away from you.  While flying you should try to keep the vehicle flying in front of it’s starting position because if it flies behind you all the controls will feel reversed.

        "in front" is a relative term that relies on the accuracy of the GPS. The system uses the point at which you arm as a reference. If there is any drift in the GPS while you are flying in close (which is very likely) then it is quite common for the system to assume you have flown "behind" your launch position when if fact you have not...

        I use super simple mode often when filming as the camera operator has control of the copters yaw. I need to make sure that the copter is well out away from me at all times to avoid this problem. I usually give it at least a 10m buffer zone. Even allowing this buffer, you still have to be prepared for these reversals and identify what is happening as soon as possible so that you can deal with it appropriately. I would not use these modes in close quarters, or in areas where you know GPS is dodgy.

        In theory these modes are helpful for the beginner but I think that for the reason we are discussing here, these modes can cause problems for the unaware. I think a warning on the wiki page about GPS drift and allowing suitable buffer zones would be appropriate.

  • Check that the Spektrum DX8 controls are working correctly with the 'Monitor Screen' I've recently had problems with the DX6i and a failing Elevator Pot causing crashes. My local model shop owner tells me that the DX8 is returned a lot. My failure also was intermittent for 5 months until it full failed

    Try flying it in Stabilize and hover for a while to see if the fault replicates

    • I checked the radio, and it works well.

      • Mirek

        Go and read about simple mode and what it does to the controls. You did not mention in your first post in what orientation the vehicle is when controls reverse, that is why I'm pointing you to the documentation. 

        There is no other reason for controls to reverse.

        As a test, switch off simple mode and only in normal stabilised mode. Keep the craft nose out for an entire flight and see if the controls still reverse after a while. My guess is that it shouldn't. 

        Keep us posted. 



        • Hi 

          Thank you for your help. I have heard that it just might be the cause of my problem.

          Waiting for a new propeller. 2 is damaged.

          I hope that now it will be better :)



            White LEDs are backwards Quad.

            In this position I started.

              And just like in the video are changing directions.

            • OK so here's what you do... 

              Open the MP software and go to the radio calibration section. 

              Make sure the TX is switched on and APM connected. 

              No move one stick, lets say pitch... if you  move the stick forward the bar should rise. If it drops on the screen ... reverse it on the TX. 

              Do that for all the controls. Once you have all the controls going the right direction. 

              Do the same for the switches. Switches in position 0 on the TX should give you a low value in the MP software. If it doesn't , reverse the switch on the TX. 

              Once that is done, calibrate the radio again and should be good to go. 

              Give it shot and let me know if you don't come right.


            • Reverse the channel on your radio.

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