I'm new to APM Arduplane but managed to get it flying perfectly (been working with quads etc. for more than 2 years now) but one thing still keeps me away from being fully satisfied with this nice autopilot.

That is the *.gpx logs don't contain valid timestamps e.g. <time>2013-07-22T00:00:00+02:00</time> everything else like position etc. is fine. I have a ublox neo6m GPS unit and uploaded the apm config file from 3DR. I use the arduflyer apm from rctimer if that helps...

In the attachments are the GPS-config and a sample gpx log.

You get these gpx logs by selecting the terminal in MP, then log download and dump any log you want. It will give you three files. One *.kmz, a *.log and a *.gpx .

Any suggestions are welcome ;)

Kind regards

2013-07-17 14-11 7.log.gpx


2013-07-17 14-11 7.log

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  • I have the same issue

    mfg milz

  • Developer

    looks like ive found the problem. and the next mp will fix this.

    • Hi Michael

      I read that you developed and maintain MissionPlanner. I would really appreciate your help.

      I am doing a project and want to use the time stamp data of the GPS and the GPS data to do some data processing. I read the data out to Matlab through mission planner. But I am not sure in which format the time data is stored or how it is calculated?

      For example we did measurements on 16/03/2015 at about 16:16 but for example in the one matlab variable: time_used_mavlink_gps_raw_int_t the first entry is 7.360396782366204e+05

      I assume that is the time entry (column one)?  Is it? And if it is how is this time related to actual time or unix time?

      Thank you in advance. I have really been struggling with this and time is running out.

  • If you convert the .tlog to a .csv file and open it in Excel, you can truncate the time stamp to only include the time part and then convert it to elapsed time. If this would help you, I could explain in further detail.


    • How do you convert the .tlog file to a .csv file?

  • Developer

    can you upload the log this was generated from?

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