I'm opening the KMZ converted logfiles in google earth, i see the altitude information correctly on the tracks, however there seems to be no time information (even if i do see timestamps in the KML file when i open it with textedit)...

When i show elevation profile i only see the red curve (which displays elevation/distance) like this :


and not the blue one which shows time and speed information, like this (NMEA file from a GPS datalogger) :


Same problem appears : when opening or converting the GPX files, when converting files downloaded from the APM2 internal memory.

The issue is that without this data it's impossible to geotag pictures taken from the plane.

Would it be possible to improve this ?


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  • Anything new on this topic ? Thanks.

  • Hi Michael,

    This is a log i recorded today (from the APM2 internal memory)...

    I think i've found part of the problem, at least for the GPX file, it uses commas instead of dots. When i do a search and replace of all commas by dots, it works i see the time information in GE. I haven't looked already but the problem may be similar with the KML file.

    Another thing, there is no <speed> tag in GPX file either, is it a logging limitation ? Isn't the speed logged somewhere ?


    2012-01-20 05-28 2.zip

  • Developer

    can you please post your log, and what version software where you running?

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