I originally posted this on the "ArduPlane 2.71 released" discussion but no response yet so here is my issue.

( I posted some files on that discussion here http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/arduplane-2-71-released?id=705844%3ATopic%3A1198629&page=9#comments )

First Post:

This is my first plane build using my APM1 board which I robbed from one of my quads. Ive put this onto a Skywalker 1680. I have an 8CH Rx so I can use the autopilot modes.

So far I got just about every thing working except two main issues.

For some reason as soon as I power it up the motor arms straight afterwards and I cant seem to disarm it. Secondly I set up the 6 flight mode on my T10CAG C & D Swc as the same as I have it set for my Quads.

On the Radio Calibration setup I can see the "Radio 5" bar slide up and down in those 6 positions the same as when it works on my quads. So the radio is putting out the 6 positions and working ok as it should.

But when I go to the Flight Mode page it doesn't translate to move into each 6 flight mode positions one after the other. It jumps to the middle and bottom only.

I am sure this is an issue and the 6 position setup and may be it should be done for CH8 rather than CH5 for the plane? Anyone have a T10CAG setup with 6 flight modes?

Second Post:

Can someone please help?

I still have not resolved this issue yet after many hrs of trying various setups. If I go by the wiki, then it seems CH5 should be ok to use for the 6 position flight modes. But then why is it not properly controlling output auto on 8?

I installed the Skywalker Configuration param file as well but it still Arms as soon as it boots and the CH5 still does not give me the 6 modes. By the way is the Skywalker param file from the Wiki only for APM2.5 or will it work on APM1 as well?

Here as another strange thing I noticed. When it is connected with only the USB cable, it doesn't boot, eg red/green led off, but only when I connect to the MP does it seem to boot and then it Arms. Yet if I connect using the telemetry it boots up ok but then Arms soon as it finishes booting

I have attached some files if any one can take a look and spot what is wrong.(see files at "ArduPlane 2.71 released" discussion)

So to summarise my questions.

1.Can Arduplane be setup for 6 modes? If so is CH5/CH6 mix (SwC/SwD on Futaba T10CAG) the correct setup? 2. Is Arming the AMP1 board dome the same as for Arducopter by holding the THR down and to the right?

3. On the RC Radio which plane configuration should be used? I currently have it on "Acrobatic" Should I be using one of the glider configurations? Id so which one?

4. Can someone who is using a similar radio advise how they have their set up?

On a different issue. Is a 3A 5V(Burst 5A) UBEC enough to run the APM1 board as well as the 4 9g servos? Or do I need to get a 5A 5V UBEC? I prefer if I don't have to carry 2 batteries if possible.

Thanks in advance for any assistance. John

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  • Did you get how to disarm the plane, i have the same problem after calibration the plane gets armed.

  • Hi,

    On the APM1 you should use Channel 8 for mode! Reason: There is a hardware multiplexer on the APM1 that reads Channel 8 (not configurable) and interprets that as flight mode - independently of the main CPU. This is for channeling Channel 1..4 directly to ouput in MANUAL mode and it will work even if the main CPU has crashed completely. Also, you should have the MANUAL mode configured for the highest WPM in the main CPU so the 2 systems are in agreement. I think MP will only let you set MANUAL there anyway so there is no problem.

    My ArduPlane also is armed right after boot. I consider that normal. I never needed to arm ay ArduPlane with stick down and right, and I never found any code in ArduPlane that reads that gesture from R/C. I don't even know if an ArduPlane can disarm at all.

    For the last question, it's hard to tell. If it were me, I would remove the power supply jumper on APM1 and use 2 BECs, one for APM power and one for all the servos. Other people think 2 BECs can only be worse than one. Anyway - if there is always a stable 5V on the APM, even when you move all servos from side to side at the same time and even if you have somebody help you oppose (but not block) the servos by holding back in the control surfaces, then it should be O kay.



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