Problems with Power Monitoring

I have the AttoPilot 90A voltage monitor and it stopped working a few weeks ago (with version 2.6) on my APM2.

It was working with 2.6 and than stopped and it still isn't working with 2.7. The problem seems to be that where I put which attopilot I have keeps going back to 0. Does anyone know where this information is stored on the quad? or is my problem something else?


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  • I am also having trouble with my AttoPilot 90A with firmware V2.8.1 on an APM2. I think I got it to work once, but I'm not sure if it's ever given me a correct reading for amperage. For the project I'm working on, it's important that I am able to calculate peak and average power consumption.

    I fiddled around with re-applying the settings and using the "write" button in the Adv Parameters page. Every time, I seem to get different results. Now, it bounces between what seems to be the correct voltage and an incorrect voltage, and two bogus currents. Example: 11.2V 52A, and 23.05V 108A, with the system disarmed. Or 6ish volts and 12ish volts. Or the correct volts, but only 1-3A. It also seems a bit flaky on remembering the settings for the Battery Monitor tab.

    When I finish repairing my airframe, I'll do a more deliberate series of tests. Then I'm going to try swapping to a spare AttoPilot. Meanwhile, any suggestions? I'm starting to think Jake might be right, and there might be something wrong with the APM2


  • I use the 90A sensor with an APM2 without problems. The setup is confusing though. The hardware setup page where you select the sensor type seems to forget what you selected. But the true test of whether your config is correct is to look at the live current data when the motors are spinning to see if it's reading a reasonable value. Even the percentage can read 0% for a bit until you've used a decent amount of current. You can also test the sensor in CLI mode if you're still having trouble.
  • Hi Jake,

    I have the 90A Attopilot connected up to my APM 1 board and the new Mission Planner V1.2 using Mav 1.0 has a tab under the hub called Status.  In there can you see anything other than -0.01 for current regardless of the motors running or not?  I loaded the 2.7 firmware via the latest Mission Planner which uses Mavlink 1.0 and I assume the firmware is set to use Mavlink 1.0 as it is talking to MP.  I just see 0% next to the voltage in the MP HUD.

    I don't think I've ever seen any working current values in MP using the Attopilot since day 1.  The V pin on the sensor sits about 0.75V and the I pin is 22mV in idle and 41mv when the motors are at their slowest (which is actually quite fast as they ramp up in speed).  Surely the ADC in the mega can be coded to use that small voltage to show something that resembled the current going through the sensor?  Mavlink 1.0 does support a current value.

    Curious to know if anyone gets more than -0.01 for the current value in the status tab in MP when using the Attopilot sensor?  Even more curious to know if any of the developers use the Attopilot sensors and can confirm that they provide correct current values via Mavlink 1.0?

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