Hey guys,

I have a 3DR Iris+, and I replaced the AA transmitter battery pack with a Turnigy 2.65 mAh LiPo battery as instructed here:


I fully charged this battery once, with no issues. I then used the transmitter + battery for a few flights, then I put the battery in "storage mode" using my charger (H4 smart charger). Today I  got to charge this battery, and the charger is telling me that it cannot charge the battery more than ~70-80%. I disconnect and confirm with a small LiPo battery checker, and the battery is not fully charged. It has "maxed out". Why would my battery max out at such a low voltage when I have only used this battery a hand full of times? Does anyone have any similar experiences with LiPos? Maybe this is just a bad battery, but this is very frustrating as this battery is brand new and I don't want to by another one if they keep dying on me like this. Any help is appreciated.



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