Programming APM 2.5?

My project is design and fabrication of RC stabilized quadcopter, the quadcopter will stabilized autonomously (stabilization will be handled by the flight controller board) and then the orientation/flight of copter will be controlled by RC transmitter. I have been looking APM 2.5 as a flight control board as it says it is an open source board,but its guide suggests that it works in a way by giving waypoints in GUI in a simple manner and thus copter reaches  at those points autonomously, however in my project i don't want to do that by GUI, so can APM 2.5 programmed manually in a way that  receiver mounted with flight control board receives signals from the transmitter and then pass it to the apm2.5 which will stabilize the flight  and then pass it to motors via ESC?

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    I believe that the APM2.5 is no longer available from 3DR. If you want a genuine APM2.6 then you will have to buy it from 3DR otherwise you will have to use a clone if you want to go with an APM2.5.

    You can use the APM to provide just stabilization for your quadcopter without the use of the MP and just fly it manually with your R/C transmitter.


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