Proof of concept (Tricopter alternative)

I had a few emails from some people in the past who had tried my yaw vane idea and were not having too much success with it. Here is the reason why it may not have worked for you. 

The yaw vane should be considered as a motor torque amplifier rather than a device that deflects air sideways around the yaw axis of the model. If your vane extended inboard of the motor shaft axis or was entirely mounted inboard on the motor arm, then it would have a self cancelling effect because the torque would be modified to work against the yaw force.i.e. the model will simply move sideways and not yaw around the centre of aerodynamic lift.  

The tricopter does have a few efficiency advantages over the popular quad designs but that tilting motor is really a no no in my book.  This concept model is made up from a few scrap bits laying about and also uses a 21 usd controller fro HK that needs a little pid tuning but it proves beyond doubt that the idea works OK.

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  • Your idea makes perfect sense. In time I'm sure we will see same or similar commercially available on mass produced multirotors. - uless you are able to be the person who is able to fabricate and sell something cheap and easy to add to any custom drone, say as a Mount that includes the fin.

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