Proposal 30mm x 50mm Autopilot with ATMEGA 1280

Dear all,I plan to build a 30mm x 50mm Autopilot with ATMEGA 1280. Some details:- 4 analog pins to read 2 ADXRS610 and 2 axis from ADXL322 (each roll and pitch).- I2C to read a HMC6352 (yaw).- ISP- flash at UART 0- radiotronix tranceiver at UART 1- GPS at UART 2 (read only)- 4 PWM output for servo motors and the motor driver- I will use the summation signal from a RC receiver via interruptWith this autopilot I plan to fly a 40 cm wing span model.The weight will be in the order of 200 g.What do you think about this autopilot?Best regardsTumba



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  • T3
    So this is going to be many boards, using separate IMU board...
  • 3D Robotics
    You might want to review the discussion of ArduPilot Mega (out early next year) before you decide to roll your own. It will have most of these features and more...
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