I have just reciently been enjoying flying my quad (with a home built frame), and in the process of flying (rather replace flying with crashing), my frame is no longer flight worthy.


I want to use this opertunity to upgrade to the "official" frame, but so far I haven't been able to find the power distribution board for sale.  


I don't need a full electronics kit as I already have all the matching hardware, I just need a frame kit and power board.


If anybody has any tips as to where I can find this that would be great.  Thanks in advance.



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Power distribution boards are on sale in the DIYdrones store, jDrones store and buildyourowndrone store. Just search for distribution in your chosen store. Each store also sells a frame kit only also.

DIYdrones store doesn't come back with any results:



jDrones and buildyourowndrone both have them.


Looks like I'll order from jDrones.  Might as well pick up some other bits and pieces as well :-)


Thanks for the help.



Also good to know as well, the Frame only kit actually includes the power distribution board (grumble and shame on me for not reading through the description completely).



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