Hello everyone,

decided to start this for a place we can talk about the PX4 I personally have got it loaded with firmware and connected to the mission planner but cant get it working with sbus and I hear there are problems with the 8ch ppm encoder board? so I have a board with servo outputs but no way to get receiver inputs?

Any thoughts comments suggestions etc lets get this board on its way as I know the apm is close to its processor limit.




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What is your latency when you connect with USB? Mine ranges from 90 - 125ms. Seems a bit way too high for a direct USB serial link. And I don't think I've seen any S.Bus config options yet. I'm sure it will be more easy to work with in future updates though. I can't get my pc joystick to work under USB connection for servo outputs.

I'll try and follow this topic. This board has allot of potential :)

You may have more luck asking questions about the PX4 components on the PX4 Answers site here:



I have my PX4 flying really well with AC 3.0.0 on an Octocopter. My only problem is with the ppm encore :/ I have heavy glitch as you can see on the log.

I use a Futaba receiver, R7008SB, and the ppm encoder because the SBus doesn't work, too bad :(

Any idea about the ppm encoder ? I have upgrade it to the last available firmware, but it didn't change anything...




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