New 540 seems to fly ok but the video is very bad. It shakes, not really a jello...more of a shake. Tried new props, recalibration, tried isolating the feiyu gimbal with soft grommets, then hard, then hard mounting. Makes no difference. I can eke out some decent video by flying really slow and careful. The feiyu gimbal makes perfect video on my tarot 680 pro so i know its not the gimbal.

It has been suggested that i look at the PIDs. The PIDs were set by using Pixhawk Autotune. Below is a video example of the shake and a screenshot of the PIDs.

Anyone see an obvious problem here or a suggestion? How do these compare to other QAV Pixhawk PIDs out there in use? Can anyone help?

Here is the new build:
-QAV540 frame, aluminum arms
-4006-740 lumenier motors
-30a simon k escs
-12" graupner props nicely balanced
-FrSky D8R-XP receiver
-8000mah 4s battery
-Ublox external GPS/compass
-front mount Feiyu tech 2 axis gimbal with go pro