QGroundControl "Uninitialized Mode"



I'm trying to write waypoints to my APM board using QGC but I get the error "Operation timed out"


I think it's because QGC says my rover is in "Uninitialized mode".

QGC keeps saying: "Uninitialized, booting up" where it shows you the status of your UAV.


How can I fix this?

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm also using ArduPilotOne (Ardurover).



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  • Developer
    I fixed the mode now. There is apparently a bug in the mavlink next command step. I'll try to find it tomorrow. But I did hook up my jtag debugger and got this backtrace so it should be easy to track down.

    (gdb) backtrace
    #0 AP_Var::_EEPROM_scan ()
    at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:471
    #1 0x0000973a in AP_Var::_EEPROM_locate (this=0x809d9d, allocate=false)
    at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:538
    #2 0x00009908 in AP_Var::load (this=0x801fee)
    at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:231
    #3 0x000027e0 in apo::AP_MavlinkCommand::AP_MavlinkCommand (this=0x801fee,
    at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/APO/AP_MavlinkCommand.h:43
    #4 0x00002894 in apo::MavlinkGuide::nextCommand (this=0x804a4a)
    at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/APO/AP_Guide.h:263
    #5 0x00009494 in AP_Var::next (this=0x804a4a)
    at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:369
    #6 0x00009494 in AP_Var::next (this=0x804a4a)
    at /hsl/homes/jgoppert/Projects/ardupilotone/ArduPilotOne/libraries/AP_Common/AP_Var.cpp:369
    #7 0x00009494 in AP_Var::next (this=0x804a4a)
  • can you post a screen shot?
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