I'm trying to write waypoints to my APM board using QGC but I get the error "Operation timed out"


I think it's because QGC says my rover is in "Uninitialized mode".

QGC keeps saying: "Uninitialized, booting up" where it shows you the status of your UAV.


How can I fix this?

Any help would be appreciated.


I'm also using ArduPilotOne (Ardurover).



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Yes I thought of that so I made sure it had a lock (solid blue light sitting in the sun outside) before trying to connect to QGC also but same timeout error. Also sometimes the "read paramaters" option would work after one click and it gets the params and then the serial connection stops working :S but I doubt its my ftdi cable. Serial connection seems to work fine without gps enabled with ftdi connection.


The date seems to be April 11th so i'll checkout the revision on that date and try it also :)

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