QGroundControl/ uploading waypoint

It appears that uploading waypoints is possible with the Ardupilot Mega using  zigbees and the QGroundControl. What I’m not clear on is how difficult this is to achieve. Are users of this system successfully operating their uavs from a ground station, i.e. changing waypoints and control gains while the uav is in flight?



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  • During the flight, I'd like to be able to upload and send commands to the UAV. That makes sense, and I knew it was doable with the new HappyKillmore and the MAVLink protocol when used in tandem with QGroundControl. Unfortunately, the ML is not very up-to-date at the moment (nov. '10). I'm crossing my fingers that we see release shortly. I too use Paparazzi, and while the GCS is more advanced than the APM and the basic hardware, it is not as "user friendly" as the APM and it does not make use of an inertial measurement unit (IMU). https://wordletoday.io/
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  • Developer

    The development team is very busy working this issue right now.  Currently if you try the trunk APM code with the latest development build of QGroundControl you CAN upload and download waypoints.  This functionality is limited and likely to be broken and fixed frequently over the next week or two.


    Right now we are negotiating some changes to the MAVLink protocol so that it will better support uploading and downloading APM missions.


    Also FYI we are now able to change APM parameters from QGroundControl


    HappyKillmore is on board and building the same functionality for his ground station.  That also is a bit of a work in process as the protocol and APM processing is still in a bit of flux.

  • I'd really like to upload and send command to the UAV during the flight. I understood that is possible with the MAVLink protocol linked to QGroundControl but also with the new HappyKillmore. The problem is that the ML it's not so updated (nov '10)... I really hope it will soon available. I also use Paparazzi and the GCS is really more sophisticated but at the same the whole system is not so "user friendly" like the APM and the basic hw don't use IMU.
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