Quad drifting East

I am very new to this so hopefully it is something simpleI.

My quad copter when in stab or alt hold modes is drifting east. Landing and re arming with the quad in a different direction or changing yaw has no effect, still drifts east.

When i use auto modes the quad sits fairly stable and follows wp fine.

I have re calibrated compass and accelerometers a few times and had a good google with no luck.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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  • So it doesn't matter which direction the quad is facing and it always drifts east?  On the mission planner Flight Data screen, does it show correct headings as you turn it?  I'm thinking maybe magnetic/metal interference from something near the APM/compass.

    • Thats right. Quad can be facing any direction and still drifting east. There has been a breeze most days coming from the west but the drift was too aggressive for the amount of wind. The wind direction changed today there was a breeze from the east but the quad still drifted into the wind slightly.

      GPS/Compass is mounted on one of the arms, I am still waiting on an elevated mount for this to try.

      Is there anywhere in the log to check for interference or pixhawk compass vs external 3dr compass?

      • I bet the compass mounted on the arm may be an issue. I don't know how close it is but your motors are made of magnets and the interference may even change as the motors have different levels of power. I don't know about checking logs for compass issues, but like I said in the flight data screen you can power it up and make sure it recognizes correct headings and that your 180 degrees are opposite. You might also hold the quad in your hand and power up motors and see if that changes it.
        • Thanks Brandon, I'll have a play today

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