Hi and congratulations on your site!

I have a quadcopter build with the following materials:

Frame: Tarot 650

Motors: 4x T-Motor 4014-9 / 400 KV

Props: 15x5.5 Carbon fiber ones

Autopilot: Pixhawk (Clone)

ESCs: 4x Bull Tec SimonK 30A

Battery: Tattu 6S - 7000 MAh

Total weight is 3 Kg.

I have set 3 flight modes (Stabilize, Loiter and RTL). Everything was working fine.

In my last flight, during loiter mode, while I was at 50 meters height, yawing a little bit left, the motors lowered rpm down to minimum, but not stopped, and the drone fell like 15 meters. I managed to go back stabilize mode and the drone went up again. Saved the fall! This is one time that happened. No problems in previous flights.

What could have triggered such behavior? 

I will upload log file later in the day! 

Thanking you in advance!

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